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Nutritional Advice

Food related ill health is responsible for about 10% of morbidity and mortality in the UK and costs the NHS about £6 billion annually.

The burden of food related ill health measured in terms of mortality and morbidity is similar to that attributable to smoking. The cost to the NHS is twice the amount attributable to car, train, and other accidents, and more than twice that attributable to smoking. The vast majority of the burden is attributable to unhealthy diets rather than to food borne diseases.

Linda is qualified to provide general nutritional advice where she believes it will enhance the client's overall wellbeing and can refer to specialist consultants where a more comprehensive review is needed or requested.

By attending regular seminars and conferences all over the UK and working alongside the technical teams within the leading manufacturers of nutritional support, Linda is pleased to be able to assist each of her clients in making informed choices where additional supplementation may be a consideration.

This advice does not replace that given by the general healthcare provider, but works in a complementary way to achieve the optimum state of wellbeing for each individual client.