Reflexology is based on the unifying concept that health is holistic, that the body works as a whole and should be treated as such.

By applying pressure to reflexes on the feet, which correspond to specific areas of the body, reflexology induces restoration of balance.

A trained practitioner will detect and restore imbalances within these reflexes allowing the body to work at peak performance, helping the body to heal itself and restore natural balance.

Furthermore, treatments are often applied to help maintain good health and an enhanced feeling of well being.


 Reflexology works on the concept that energy lines run throughout the body, interconnecting different systems and infrastructures that relate to, and influence one another. Reciprocal reflexes in the feet exist for every organ, gland and structure.

Reflexology both enhances the body’s own healing mechanisms and re-balances the body’s subtle energy field. Through the promotion of deep relaxation, this holistic approach releases energy blockages and restores balance, enabling all systems to work effectively.

Reflexology is synergistic with conventional therapies and is often used complimentary to achieve a more effective outcome.

 Linda is able to offer the integration of Neuro (Nerve) Reflexology and ReproflexologyTM for her clients with very specific needs.