"I first visited Linda when suffering with a persistent knee and shoulder problem as a result of a fall, which had not responded to conventional treatments. A friend suggested I try reflexology and being open-minded to complementary treatments, I booked an appointment. Four years later I still see Linda on a regular basis. After treating my original problem, she has helped me in numerous ways, from coping with menopasusal symptoms and Raynauds Syndrome, helping me improve an erratic sleep problem and suggesting herbal supplements to address existing conditions. I look forward to my visits leaving me relaxed and refreshed and boost my energy levels so that I enjoy my hectic lifestyle to the full"

Mrs S


"I truly feel that the treatments Linda did for me helped kick start my cycles again and that I was very quickly pregnant. The later treatments in my pregnancy helped with my labour and I was the only one in my NCT group to have a straightforward birth! Thank you so very much"

Mrs W


"I am a keen amateur athlete, challenged over the years by a variety of injuries and high levels of stress.  Linda has been absolutely superb in identifying the links between back pain and specific points in my feet and has been able to significantly alleviate the symptoms.  She has also helped me better manage my nutrition and sleep which, combined with her expert reflexology and Indian head massage has helped me achieve a better balance and reduced stress"

Mr B


"I began having reflexology due to continuously suffering from bouts of cystitis. This was something that was very painful and at times debilitating. Having had treatment from Linda for some time now, the symptoms and reoccurring bouts of cystitis have almost fully subsided. I follow an easy maintenance routine by taking supplements, thanks to Linda's research and advice and am now able to not worry constantly that the symptoms may return at any time. I am hooked on reflexology and am pretty sure that I couldn't go without it now! It is the perfect way to relax and balance your body at the same time."

Miss D


"I had been suffering with mild depression and low energy on and off for years. After the first treatment with Linda I was absolutely flying – I’d forgotten what it was like to feel so good and alive and after a few treatments the depression that had plagued me was a thing of the past. Linda’s years of training, experience and (I believe) her natural healing ability let her read your feet like a book. I’ve never been treated by a reflexologist as effective at treating clinical conditions as Linda is. I live in Devon now, but I try to have a treatment with her whenever I’m up in Gloucestershire".

Miss W


"I initially saw Linda for reflexology treatments during pregnancy. It helped to take away aches and pains, aided relaxation and most importantly, helped me cope with the hormonal changes. This was over two years ago and now I'm a regular client. Linda made me feel extremely relaxed from the initial consultation and for every treatment that followed. She is always professional and I have great confidence in her ability and knowledge"

Mrs A


"I started having reflexology with Linda six years ago and I immediately felt the benefits. I suffered from severe cystitis for many years and used to have an attack every 2 months. After a few sessions, the attacks had significantly decreased. I was very pleased with the results and view Linda as a 'miracle worker'!"

Miss B


"Linda's skill and sympathetic treatment during my recent recovery from breast cancer has definitely helped to ameliorate a painful post operative lymphoma and other lesser nagging physical symptoms, including lack of vitality. I believe that reflexology has 'jump started' my former low energy levels following chemotherapy and because of my new found vigour, my quality of life has improved. Linda's wonderful hands, expertise, and sense of humour make my regular visits to her not only beneficial to my health, but fun and a pleasure".

Mrs M